They swore an oath, they take their orders. An in-depth look at chattel slavery’s influence on policing.


If you type “police” in google news, the top articles are on limiting police access without a warrant. This matter has gotten the attention of the Supreme Court. In 2020 officers in plain clothes forced their way into the home of Breonna Taylor. Awakening her and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker…

An open letter to the citizens of Atlanta discussing the pain and frustration of Black America and the deadly inequalities.

May 29. 2020 Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

My fellow Atliens,

On May 25, 2020, the Minneapolis Police responded to a call at a local deli. The deli employee accused George Floyd, a Black American of using a counterfeit $20.00 bill to pay for his cigarettes. Seventeen minutes after the Minneapolis Police Department’s arrival Floyd lay unconscious on…


Everyone loves traveling but doesn't always have the ability to make those trips happen. The application that I created is called S.I.C.C.U.D. an acronym for Savings In Cash and Coins to Uplifting Destinations. S.I.C.C.U.D. is a traveling application with a twist, this application helps users to save toward future…

We all have friends that seem to play a certain role in our lives. We have the positive uplifting friend, the realistic yet slightly pessimistic friend, and so on. Unfortunately not all friendships are created equally, some have a give and take balance but most are treated as a transaction.


Janiessa Charlie-Nicole Norice is a freelance copywriter UX/UI designer and creative.

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